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Our Services

The Investor

ZKF invests in promising startups in different sectors, providing them with the basis they need to focus on scaling and building great businesses.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse was carefully designed to accommodate the ideas ZKF incubates and to provide entrepreneurs with everything they need to innovate, implement and grow.

The Studio 

We invest, incubate, support and provide the infrastructure they need to implement and transform their idea into a sustainable business.

The Enabler

ZKF offers a joint infrastructure for high-potential Jordanian startups, offering them a range of diverse services to help them thrive.

The Marketer 

ZKF offers a range of social marketing services through its team of marketing professionals and its network of designers, influencers, and strategic partners. 

The Developer

Besides investing in startups, ZKF also takes on a hands-on approach and develops its own products and services.